Problems with WhatsApp and Telegram

hi, I have a problem, whatsapp telegram and despite the automatic start, if you get a notification message appears and the warning. only when I started applications notify me the message! Can anyone help?


You probably kill them (task manager). Swipe the bar up and hold your finger on the icon until a lock icon appears (Flyme 4). On Flyme 3 you need to swipe down if I remember right.

will you be a little more specific? Use the Flyme 4


You know how to swipe out the task manager I guess. Just click and hold on the icon until it vibrates.


Also make sure permissions like “auto launch” are enabled in security center…

I think it’s all OK! but continue to malfunction!

OK I fixed also the task manager, but the problem still every time you restart the device. This thing I do not like and I penalizes!

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