Silly Question but....

Hi guys,
First of all hi to all, I’m a new member in this site.
I wanted to ask a question about rooting on MX4. I recently bought MX4 and I read that you can root your phone easily by going to your Flyme Account and open system priveleges. I did that, phone restarted and now it says “open” in the “Open System Priveleges”.
Here’s the questions I have:
1)Where can I go to adjust the volume of the phone to a higher lvl?

  1. How can I close the System Priveleges, if I don’t want to have them open anymore?
    The only reason I ask the 2) is that I heard that if you have them open you can’t get OTA updates of the next firmwares… is that correct?
    I never rooted my phones in the past so all these are new for me.

Thanks for the anwsers and happy to join the site

Meizu MX4

For unrooting you will have to reinstall firmware from full zip file and select clear user data option to unroot. For update you can just use the update app in the launcher to check it. I just rooted back to from 4.1.4. When i was in 4.1.4 i did receive ota for 4.1.5 so i don’t think you won’t get ota updates. anyways even without ota update its just as easy to upgrade.

Thanks for the quick answer!
I really like the OTA updates so I was afraid, since I heard that thing. But since you say that you got one while rooted, I’ll just wait and not do anything before a new update comes to the phone to check it out.
Once again thanks.

If you install 4.1.5-A you will receive OTA updates for A-Firmwares.
(4.1.5A is an Experimental/Test Firmware
A-TEST firmwares get updates every Tuesday)

If you install for an example 4.0.2-U
In future you’ll receive OTA updates ONLY for U-Firmwares
It’s the same for I or C firmwares,
If you have I-firmware version you’ll ONLY receive OTA for I,same thing for C-firmware.

I’m not sure about ROOT.
If you’re Rooted on 4.1.5A you might receive OTA update for 4.1.6A
but I think that you’ll get “firmware corrupted” when you’ll try to update.
I think that when you’re ROOTed you must install firmware from recovery with clear data,in this case you will lose root permissions .

(If I’m wrong about this,
someone correct me please)

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As far as I know when you are rooted you get update notification in Update center but it downloads the whole package (500+ mb) and installs it rather than a true OTA (which is around 50 to 100 mb)

Well last and only time I had an update on the phone was when we got the, since the phone came to me with 4.0.4i pre-installed, and it was a full 700mb download. The phone wasn’t rooted then.
In any case if I get only I updates that’s more than enough for me!
Can someone answer the 1st question? Where can I tune up the volume of the ringer in the developer options? I heard that people, who were a bit sad that volume is not high enough, were advised to do this tune up somewhere in the developer options. Anyone knows?

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