Can't apply theme

Some1 have same problem?
Failed authentication

@‘AOKP’ said:

Simply redownload the theme.

0 emotions. Same.

Any updates on this problem?

I passed this problem. Looks like that it’s more meizu-server-side problem, because it’s gone w/o any changes from my side.

Interesting, may I know which theme were were you trying to apply? Yesterday while downloading few themes I stumbled upon one I could not apply, it simply defaulted and applied original theme every time.

Problem solved at least for me what I did was delete cache memory of the personalize app.

I’m getting these issues again, clearing the personalise app data does not fix it.
Anyone get another fix?
On the latest test version (4.2.5A)

I downloded few, only one I was able to apply. The ones not working asked for re-downloading what I kept doing, no success after that. I don’t know which can be applied and which can’t.

It’s a server problem (poor speed from China, pages like Flyme dont open)…cant authenticate theme and message appears. Check it later and it will be OK :)

OK, update, after installing everything works fine. I was on 4.1.7i previously.

@'Facan said:

4.2.6A cant download theme…

Same problem for me too :( just looping downloading and downloading with no luck to apply…

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