Meizu blue charm.

Any thoughts on the blue charm range of phone?
Seems almost better than the mx4.
Slightly bigger battery.
64bit CPU.
Better 5mp front camera.

Info and specs here.


Rumors. We get our infos directly and internaly from Meizu.

We haven’t heard about it yet at least. :)


Seems pretty solid for the price… They seem to have taken John Ive pretty seriously though :P

P. S. : We have a section for the

Was seeing how people felt about the new range compared to the MX4.
I feel kinda bumm’ed by it.

I really like my MX4, cant help but feel, this cheaper device, might be slightly better internally .


Only benchmarks will tell but it is unlikely to be more powerful than the MX4… A53 cores are basically low power comes (the high power ones are A57)…
The A17 falls somewhere in mid range between A7 and A15…
But factoring im the core count… Only benchmarks will tell…

Yeah, I went scooping over the specs on the website. Seems pretty even.
I do now think the mx4 does slightly have better internals. Minus battery and dual sim.
It feels kind of wrong that the mx4 Is already starting to be out of date.
But that’s with all phones I guess.

@GreyGhost thanks for that info.

I consider to change my Redmi note with m1 note but I red a negative feedback about flyme OS. Do you think that the new version of flyme OS is enough smooth and without bugs? Like MiUi v5.



the critics have been mostly for Flyme 4.0.x. However since the test releases of Flyme 4.1.x things are running much better. I am actually thinking that Flyme 4.2 will be released with the m1. But lets see.

Well short answer to a discussion above about CPU/GPU Power. The small difference in screen resolution is neglected, it accounts for an adjustment of 10% in favour for the M1 Note.

CPU power for mobile phone is measured in DMIPS. For each arm core the DMIPS/MHz is know, so your CPU power could be calculated. The complete CPU power is MX4 is 1.5 times the power of the M1 note. But that is not all, apps and games do use 4 cores at maximum (probably 2 or even 1), so in case of the MX4 probably only the fastest cores are used for the the extensive tasks. So if you look at the speed of 1 core, the MX4 should be twice as fast as the M1 note.
Meizu MX4 - A17 2.2GHz x 4 + A7 1.7GHz x 4
complete = (4*2200) *4 + (1.9*1700)*4 = 48120
one core = 4*2200=8800

M1 note - ARM® Cortex®-A53 1.7GHz x 8
complete = (2.3*1700)*8 = 31280
one core = 2.3*1700 = 3910

Information from:

GPU power is measured in GFlops. For the MX4 the Gflops is estimated since the exact specifications of the GPU are unknown, I expect it on the high side so around 90 GFlops. This is twice as fast as the GPU of M1 Note.

MX4 - PowerVR G6200 – 75-90 GFlops
M1 Note - Mali T760 MP2/700MHz GPU – 47.6 GFlops

A complete overview is given at:

To conclude: on paper the MX4 has definitely a faster chipset than the M1 Note. But this does not give any information how the chipset operates in the real world. The maximum speed is measured by a long range of straightforward calculations in a sort of perfect world. Apps and games are simply not straightforward. Well then we got benchmarks like Antutu and even these do not tell you the complete truth. It is possible to optimize your phone for certain benchmarks and to improve your score. The biggest example is Samsung overclocking their chipset during a Antutu run to improve their score and so there are many more manufacturers doing this.

The reason why a famous dutch tech website stopped with comparing benchmarks results (combined with the fact that there all qualcomm chips around) in their reviews and just gives them in a separate file for if you are interested. They just give a opinion whether is a phone is operating smoothly or not.

@‘AOKP’ said:

Why not simply checking ? :D

Well the M1 Note processor is not benchmarked yet and the fact that a benchmark does not say everything as I said in my previous post.

Article on benchmark manipulation:


Yeah I agree with you. But it can be said that is a quite secure source. However - benchmarks are useful, I mean at least they give you a little overview of the power. But yet “power” is not mesureable (power=performance).

Any news of the small version of the Meizu M1?

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