Meizu M1 Note Launched

Well, it was in the pipeline already, but today the Meizu M1 Note is launched. You can find the information on the phone on the official Meizu website: . I started this thread to have a discussion on this new phone, so what is your opinion?

If someone has time to make a complete topic start with information, feel free, be my guest. Unfortunately I do not have the time for this the coming days.

First impression: iPhone 5C, but where Apple made the mistake to ask too much money for it, hopefully Meizu won’t. If the expected retail price of 999 yuan is true, I will be happy, but I could not find any confirmation on it.


  • Unibody - I don’t like the casing of the MX4 (Pro) where you can lift off the backplate and only for a SIM-slot. You can clearly see where the MX4 backcover is, for the MX3 it was not that visible (and in my opinion better) and a Unibody is even better.
  • Screen - Full HD for this price, I did expect an 720p display.
  • 2 gigabyte RAM Memory
  • FDD-LTE - So if it is specified on the right frequencies it should work in Europe.


  • No AC-wifi - Although this comes with the price, I still want a futureproof phone since I already got AC-wifi around here. BTW dual band is oke :).
  • MTK6572 - Its not a fast chip, but probably enough for simple phone users like me.
  • No information on the Music chip, hope it is still a good one though.

Well looks as a nice replacement for my parents phone, hope that it will not take too long before it come into the market. Probably we will have to wait two or three months :(


We have been there. Post will follow later.

Have you any infos concerning the international model release with FDD-LTE, waiting for it.

According to the specifications page the M1 seems to work with international 4G FDD-LTE
Can you confirm ?

Thanks :D

Compared to Snapdragon615, the MT6752 used by the Meizu M1 seems way more faster

The 6572 seems way better than its main rivals, at least on paper. Snap 615 seems to perform equally only in 3d graphics as shown in benchmarks.

An in-depth comparative with redmi note review from it68. Overall a near perfect mid level device.

Do you know when the m1 note is going to be available in Europe for purchase? :)



probably in a few days/weeks, but then only at a reseller. Just like the MX4 Pro.

Does the current model work with FDD-LTE (1800 and 2600Mhz) ?


Well yes. These are the frequencies for FDD.

The m1 note seems to be a good choice as a first meizu phone!
I’m not an expert in chips, so may I ask someone to compare the MTK6572 (m1 note) to the MTK6595 (MX4) ? It will be easier to make a choice!

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