I want to buy themes on the Meizu app store. Someone can tell me how I can recharge my account ?

Time ago I read about someone who bought a prepaid card on Aliexpress.


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You can try him:

*Disclaimer* I have never personally tried his service. Linking it to you as I’ve read his post. You can see there that one of our forum members has used it successfully…


+1. I used his service and it is second to none. Very trustworthy, fast and secure. :)

I give a try to his service. i give me my crédits in two hours. Now i can buy my themes and download music in flac. I recommend it

Very good !! :D Maybe recommend him on his official thread if you didn’t already do so to help him out. ;)

Yeah they have charge cards on eBay cheap.

It’s either Chinese unicom /Telecom recharge card.

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