My phone stuck on Meizu logo

Hello, today i’ve tried to upgrade my Meizu MX3 to Flyme 3.7.3 official version, but it said me that my Firmware is corrupt, so I tried a cleardata, my phone tried to reboot but it stucks on Meizu logo, the text on the battery is in english, so I think that it’s an international version, I need help pls :(



first tell us where you bought the device. If its from France or Czech or EU in general it might be locked. If not simply reboot into the recovery and connect your phone to your PC. All what you need to do is to copy the firmware onto your phone and flash it again.

If you got the firmware corrupt error and a clean data, it is completely normal, you have no more firmware on your phone xD

Download the 3.5.3, or the 3.6 and everything will be fine

I’ve downloaded the CN firmware, flashed it and that works, thanks for your help, btw i’ve bought it in France

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