Simlocked problem?

hello evrybody

i bought few day ago MX4 second hand on

as i had an iphone 5 i couldnt try my simcard imedialty ( not same sim format)

so … when i put my china mobile simcard the phone does not work ( no service)

but with China Unicom Card evrything works

is meizu phone come simlocked ?

is tehere any way to unlock it ?

thank you


Some members in here also got the MX4 U (Unicom) version and are using it without any type of problems.

I would recommend you to check if you get a connection on the iPhone 5, if yes then try to update or install the A firmware on your device.
Here is the latest stable one:

Thanks for your answer

i tried again with an other sim-card i even try to updrate with the A version it looks like it does not work and i really dont know why …
any idea ?

the phone can be sim locked?


I have not seen any MX4 sim-locked before… :( So I don’t think that is the case here. Try cleaning the metal contacts of that sim card with a microfibre cloth.

As far As I know there are NO sim locked MX4 devices.

Mine is m461-Unicom and it is working fine on 2G/3G/4G with all operators in my country.
I’m using T-Mobile MK.

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