Does any one know of a way to get trough install without smartbar?


Because smartbar is dead I can’t get through setup to try calibrate. Does anyone know a way to either trick the setup to get pass things like language settings or to really totally reset the phone from recovery?

“Support”, Wants me to use calibration but it took me nine days, two films and one picture to get them to understand that I can’t get pass the setup.

I really don’t won’t to send it back, it will take forever and probably get me another tax if I’m unlucky.

I’ve given up trying to get an answer from “support” I only get some google translated standards answers back that don’t help.

One thing for sure, not having a method of really reinstall or reset a phone is a risk, especially when the oem thinks its software.

Catch 22

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You ever tried to Clear Data in the recovery? Just place the file in the root of the SD (means not in any subfolder). Now shut the phone down and press Volume Up + Power. The recovery will show up. Select ‘Clear Data’ and hit Upgrade. Boot up, shutdown and redo this once more.

I’ve tried every firmware and the few combination there is, sadly I can just use the recovery.
My hope is that there is a way of using fastboot, secret combination or anything to get a real reset or getting past the setup to be able to reach calibration in settings.

The smartbar and home-button just stopped in the middle of a me reading a feedly feed a couple of weeks ago.

If you can turn on adb debugging, you might me able to use something like this:

Im not sure if the mx4 can run adb commands from recovery.
But have a read here, as it talks about what you need.

Thank you, it’s worth a try!

BTW. Is it possible to use the “smartdot” in A-U firmwares to simulate “ok” somehow?
I’ve tried all kinds of combinations but it looks like you only can control forward, back etc with it?

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