Faulty Meizu MX4

I was very happy at first, but now I have a half of a touchscreen and no way to fix it. Touchscreen just stop working in the upper half, and it’s clearly a hardware fault. The shipping cost and duty charges are close to 300$ and will take nearly 3 months. So if you are not in China, never buy one. Or you can be soooo unhappy with your 500$ brick

Iv never known touch screen issues like that seem to be happening on the mx4 on any other devices Iv owned or while browsing over at xda over the years.
I’m sure it’s not a hardware issue, but something to do with the kernels implementation of the touchscreen drivers which are either failing or not correctly installed within the kernel itself.
Im no kernel dev. But that’s just my thinking

It like we are a few with different kind of touch troubles here, in my case smartbar and start button. It’s not unusual in itself, the problem is that it’s close to impossible to get support and replacements. Meizu doesn’t seem to have an international plan for support.

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