Bricked MX3 M353

Got a MX3 from a friend today with 3.5.3 and wanted to update, downloaded the latest stable and started to update from the OS… got a never ending boot

now tried to update via recovery, nothing works, get FW corrupt each and every time. need help

the model is M353 (CN?) but text on battery is english (HK?)

It seems that you have a HK device (text on battery is in english and 3.5.3 which is a hk only firmware). Did you tried with clear data option checked? Also you can reflash the 3.5.3 again or try cn firmware (.bin) 3.7.3 or newer.

edit: There are some cases lately with branded devices which can’t install firmwares directly from meizu but only via carriers. You can read about that in firmware section.

You can also try a different firmware and see if that works.

in the end i somehow ended with Chinese recovery and used Chinese 373.bin rom, how can i change it to normal 373 or even normal 4+

If i understood right you have succesfully installed the cn 3.7.3 firmware. If you want only international firmware then your options are limited to only a few versions ( 3.5.3 hk, 3.7.3 hk and maybe some others). That of course until meizu to publish a 4.x international firmware. But cn firmware is fine and gets updates more frequently… you only need to install google services manually (instructions in this site).



tony said it quite precisly. The CN firmware get published earlier and so get updates more frequently.
It is not a loss to use CN firmware on a HK device. It is completly fine and shouldn’t make a diffrence.

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