Flyme OS test firmware (MX3)


  • Fix problems with no anti-rejection function.
  • Fix the lock screen right after you set the custom application, no population change problems.
  • Automatic brightness open case repair, automatic low brightness problem.
  • Repair open in the developer tools touch operation, turn on and turn off multitasking, blinking screen black problem.
  • Fix block infrared distance sensor for calibration, still prompted to calibrate the problems of success.
  • Fix on mobile-legal information, click on open source licensing play box double-click suspension balls fall vertically, click on a blank page is returned, above the page gets stuck and black screen problem.
  • Repair screen password lock, alarm suspend alarm screen password unlock screen after display light problem.
  • Fixed in the display settings screen, hit the back button will return to the Wlan settings screen problems.


  • Fix visitor mode hides phone call, press HOME to return to the desktop, are no call notification notification bar problem.
  • Fix MX3 after I pull the notification bar now displays blank problems.
  • Fix MX3 after the connection with your computer, drop down the notification bar media device connection icon on the far left in the shadows darker problem.


  • Fix black screen after message recording interface, infrared capability failure problem.


  • Fix the new information, after you enter a group name in the recipient field, add a group in the pop-up list, information error problem.


  • Repair camera self-timer Gallery view photos from your camera into the make-up buttons covered issues.
  • Fix problems with MX3 front spot metering without any effect.

Security Center:

  • Fix after setting the monthly flow, flow (used value is less than the monthly values), after the exit go to settings again to close traffic monitoring, pop up monthly flow has exhausted balloon questions.
  • Repair management permissions to modify the application for prohibition or ask does not work, all default to allow problem.


  • Fix problems with some FLAC music files cannot be played.
  • Fix black screen when playing music, unable to adjust the volume of the issue.
  • Fix MX3 local music high quality cover error problem.


  • Fix MX3 suspended when playing online video, disconnection is unable to play then click switch to full screen to display the control, to not quit playing problem.


  • Fix MX3 search saved pictures, Gallery-free response questions.


  • Fix MX3 long according to the fine print on a Web page in a browser, zoom in closer to transparent color of the font, unreadable problems.


  • Fix MX3 connect Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard when entering English no word problems.


  • Fix MX3 displayed when the long document name contains digits and Hebrew and disorder, and details of the document name inconsistency problem.


  • Fix sending files Bluetooth the down state, after sending files Bluetooth not back off problem.



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How can I switch to visitor mode?

Got the update thru OTA this morning, unfortunately it doesn’t fix the instagram bug which is basically the only bug I’m having :)

google installer doesnt work. And also is there any way to put greek in the keyboard??

this is what it shows me

this is what it shows me

@‘avadon’ said:

google installer doesnt work. And also is there any way to put greek in the keyboard??

this is what it shows me

this is what it shows me

Are you using the mx3 google installer or the universal google installer?.

Mx3 version hasn’t been updated since September.

I installed the latest Google installer, which has lastly been updated in 3rd of december.

I forgot to say that i am on ART mode


1. Settings -> Security -> Create a passcode.
2. Enable Guest mode (in same menu) - Set Guest mode passcode.
3. Select which apps to disable in Guest mode.
4. When you Unlock screen asks for password - Enter Guest mode password from step 2 to go to guest mode.
If you enter your normal password from step 1 you will enter normal mode.

Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Instagram has been updated … and I can watch video hehe :D

Maybe wasn’t that useless to spam report button xD

Hello, i have a problème to share my 3g connection with wifi
Have you the same issues ?

Same old problems with the google play services. I fixed it for the old firmware but even my backup doesn´t help in this case. Any suggestion? I need that phone for work and every time I open something that stupid popup is appearing.


I used the ‘google installer’ (NOT the mx3 special version) in appstore on 4.1.3 and it worked fine… I have updated without clear data so canmot confirm if it works directly on (@avadon seems to have had problems with it)

If i update from 3.x.x to the new test fw my complete storage will be erased?? Including photos and music?? If so is there a way to backup these files and easily restore it?? Unfortunately i only have DSL 3000 at home (~320kb/s :( ) so download all the music (i purchased it via Meizu music app) again is no option… Can i use helium to backup all my games and Programms on my PC and restore it after update to 4.1. 3.1??

I really want to update to 4.x but im a bit afraid that it ends up with a mx3 with non of my data on it and im not able to restore it…


Yes, first make a backup of all the apps and then copy the sd card onto your PC. So you should have everything secured.

view that there is no dictionaries or word predictions in the keyboard Meizu I install other keyboard works well but small problem that exists in a bay well when you send message on facebook or by SMS, if na make a one can not be selects the place to go was quoting a letter unless we narrowed the keyboard and touch the place … - "

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