Flyme OS test firmware (MX2)


  • Fix problems with no anti-rejection function.
  • Fix the lock screen right after you set the custom application, no population change problems.
  • Automatic brightness open case repair, automatic low brightness problem.
  • Repair open in the developer tools touch operation, turn on and turn off multitasking, blinking screen black problem.
  • Fix block infrared distance sensor for calibration, still prompted to calibrate the problems of success.
  • Fix on mobile-legal information, click on open source licensing play box double-click suspension balls fall vertically, click on a blank page is returned, above the page gets stuck and black screen problem.
  • Repair screen password lock, alarm suspend alarm screen password unlock screen after display light problem.
  • Fixed in the display settings screen, hit the back button will return to the Wlan settings screen problems.
  • Fix MX2 root access control list does not filter out system problem.
  • Fix MX2 unable to sleep problems.


  • Fix visitor mode hides phone call, press HOME to return to the desktop, are no call notification notification bar problem.
  • Fix MX2 dragging the application to delete, delete icon didn’t centered question.
  • Fix MX2 errors when opening desktop personalization questions.
  • Fix MX2 report errors on my desktop, prompt: “I’m sorry, Flyme desktop has stopped running” problem.


  • Fix black screen after message recording interface, infrared capability failure problem.
  • Fixing the MX2 conference call by clicking on the add call, phone error problem.
  • Fix MX2 Meizu customer service contact to the default avatar, does not appear as “m” big head problem.


  • Fix the new information, after you enter a group name in the recipient field, add a group in the pop-up list, information error problem.
  • After the repair the MX2 10086 sends text messages, click 10086 avatar into the yellow pages, contact, the contact details of the interface does not display a mobile Web site problems.
  • Fix 360 Mobile Guardian MX2 settings as default information applications, in the problem of excessive information list displays the.
  • Fix MX2 when setting up a third-party application as the default application information, and returns a list of information, and then click settings, set the default information applied in shifting problem.


  • Repair camera self-timer Gallery view photos from your camera into the make-up buttons covered issues.
  • Fix MX2 open square beauty mode, picture problems picture not square.

Security Center:

  • Fix after setting the monthly flow, flow (used value is less than the monthly values), after the exit go to settings again to close traffic monitoring, pop up monthly flow has exhausted balloon questions.
  • Repair management permissions to modify the application for prohibition or ask does not work, all default to allow problem.


  • Fix problems with some FLAC music files cannot be played.
  • Fix black screen when playing music, unable to adjust the volume of the issue.


  • Fix MX2 sliding one-fourth pixels on the right side of the screen when the video playback, adjust video brightness problem of ineffective.


  • Fix MX2 input numbers and symbols under the landscape keyboard letters displayed below questions.

Cloud storage:

  • Fix MX2 land-bound 360 Flyme accounts, backing up photo album display is loading problem.

Personalization Center:

  • Fix MX2 by going into personalization centers, image preview displays all black problems.


  • Fix sending files Bluetooth the down state, after sending files Bluetooth not back off problem.

Third-party compatibility:

  • Fix MX2 third party application details box layout superVPN indecent questions.



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Didn’t know we had those problems… Nevertheless Home Button sleep problem isn’t fixed yet

Less black rectangles in this version. But Instagram is crashed on scrolling events.


I think the rectangles are caused by a problem with the GPU driver - maybe something was enabled in the developer options as well. I at least remember as similar issue on my Android tablet.
However, I will try to take a deeper look into this.


I have a problem with a2dp handling. I have a Nokia BH-504 bt stereo hadset . When I use it listen to the music, the playback jerky, not continuous. Under 3rd series Flyme was perfect.


@toshka it was some incompatibility with the firmware and ig version, update your ig from play store or downgrade to the version from november and it’ll work. ;)

@TripleB1976 sounds not-so-normal, I assume it acts the same in calls or with any other sound/app, right? Did you clear data while upgrading?

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