Ximalong Tempered Glass Protection Screen For Meizu MX3 - Review

A screen protector made from glass? Impossible you might think. Well, we thought the same. So we ordered these special screen protectors which are a big hype in China from TaoBao to see what they are like. Let’s check it out.

The screen protector comes in a nice gift box. Not the usual envelope-style but the kind you would expect from a quality product. Opening the box reveals a alcohol pad to clean the screen, a Chinese/English manual and of course the screen protector in protective paper.

After a quick look at the instructions it’s time to apply the screen protector. We first clean the screen with the provided cleaning pad. Then we line up the screen protector with the screen and fix it with tape, since we will be using the hinge method. We wipe the screen again, just to be sure there’s no dust. Then we remove the protective foil over the sticky layer and apply it to the screen.

One will be surprised about the lack of air bubbles after applying it. We just had a little one in the corner which we were able to ‘strike out’. This is great, but it also comes with a downside. After the screen protector has been applied, there’s no way you can lift it up again if there came a little piece of dust under it, for example. If this has happened, the only thing you can do is throw away the screen protector and replace it with a new one or live with it.

Material wise, this tempered glass screen protector is certainly an improvement over ‘normal’ plastic screen protectors. Yes, it is real glass. According to our experience the screen protector does not interfere with the screen quality, or at least not in the way plastic screen protectors do that. We also think it feels nicer to the touch due to the glass material. Screen sensitivity was not affected. The oleophobic coating minimizes the fingerprints, but of course it’s not really ‘fingerprint-free’. We were disappointed to see that there were some small glue-missing spots on the screen protector, which are visible under close inspection. The manufacturer claims ‘superir scratch resistance’, but we did not test this feature.

So, is it recommended to buy one? Well, not such an easy question. Overall, it’s a pretty good product with a nice feel to it. But it must be said we were disappointed about imperfect adhesive layer. At a price of 40RMB (€5, 7USD) it’s not too expensive, but certainly a lot more expensive than normal screen protectors. What kind of screen protector to buy? It’s up to you to decide what factors you think are most important. We will be buying tempered glass screen protectors from now on at least.

You can buy the Ximalong Tempered Glass Protection Screen here: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=19803266463

I bought the 9H Nilkin one for my MX4 PRO and dropped the phone…this screen cracked in 2 places but underneath the phone’s screen was undamaged. The case pretty much protected the phone itself…I am ordering 2 more…great value!

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