99% of the apps in Google Play for free in Meizu AppCenter!!

If you go to the Meizu AppCenter and you look for an app that you have to pay for in Google play, you will notice that… IT IS FREE!!
for example, Monument Valley costs 3€ in Google play and in the app center is free!!!

Also occurs with 99% of the apps in Google Play.

The music is also free in the Music app of Meizu.

I also noticed this.
There are a lot of popular
"Euro-American-Western" apps that are free in AppCenter.

I have a lot of respect for that.
Not that I’m a “pirate” though :)

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They might be cracked uploads by 3rd party… Chinese marketplaces are known to have those…
That is why I avoid the App Center…



they mostly are, but are checked at least for viruses. Its like with the Music App though. Chinese never pay for virtual goods :D

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Yeah… Guess so… And fhey don’t really have a choice to pay either do they considering google play is banned…
Wonder if amazon playstore works in china… :P

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