General lag and dropped frames reason


I have experienced some general dropped frames in the UI on the MX4. Of which is pretty much absent in the same situations on my nexus 5. My nexus 5 is running andrioid 5.0 lollipop.

The MX4 powervr GPU does have a lower graphics performance as compared to the adreno 330. Is this the reason for the general dropped frames? MX4 does have better app launch times and boot times as compared to my nexus 5 however probably attributed to the higher performing CPU.

Is this an issue that can be solved with future update? Meizu reported is working on andrioid 5.0 for flyme but no release date is confirmed yet.

As an aside is anyone else experiencing a lag when entering local tracks or generally browsing the flyme music app?


This is most likely due to software which needs heavy optimisations and fixes… Which version of FlyMe OS are you using? :)

EDIT: Yes, I get VERY small micro-lag when loading the local tracks. It is very small jittering when the list is fading in to view, but nothing drastic. :

i am using the 4.0.4I version. I am not sure if the 4.1.3A beta will support google services hence i will be waiting for the OTA.

You can install 4.1.3A or todays latest 4.1.4A and manually install google installer from appcenter.
Google installer will install play store.

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