No network service


I have MX3 CN one, bought in China. i have the problem when i got back to Europe that there is no network connection, when I try manually to find network operator it founds, but choosing any of them leads to note " cannot connect, please try later". This happens with both of my sim cards either Chinese and European.

I already upgraded firmware, cleared all data and settings, nothing. May it be problems with the network operators? Maybe someone experieced it and can help me. Thank you in advance

Which model do you have and which is the firmware version? Some models (m355, m356 if i dont make wrong) are only for china (td-scdma)… if you have a wcdma model (m351, m353) , which is the right one for europe, then you should try to install a stable firmware, for example 3.7.3 with clear data.

You can also check the APN settings for 3g network. Did you tried forcing only 2G network?

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