Touchscreen unresponsive/acting up

ok so it had only happened a few times before. Now, however - after no change at all, just a few apps installed - my screen sometimes just wont respond to touch at all. And when it does, it will be in very strange ways. For instance it will act as if i touched it somewhere else instead of where I actually did. Or itll act as if I touched it repeatedly.

So far a reboot seemed to fix the issue, so Im attributing this to software. Its the only way I have managed to get it working again. Has anyone experienced this as well? Are the new test firmwares any better in this respect?


You sound you are experiencing the same issue I am having.

I have no idea if it is software related or not. But my previous MX4 (prior to the replacement unit I am having problem with) did not suffer this problem.

Do let us know if you find a workaround.

Yea sounds similar indeed. Did your issues get worse in time? So far ive had it a few times, but I wouldnt say its unusuable at all. It is annoying when it happens though… Im hoping the soon to come update will fix this. Really bad issue and im almost certain its firmware.

It could be a version of my smartbar stopped working. Something seems to be fishy with their quality control at least.

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@Indomitae & @ssohn,

give 4.1.4 a try, even if it is experimental.
It contains various of fixes, which still persist in some 4.0.x firmwares.

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