Help with restoring mx4

Hi again.

So yeah, while messing with files and deleting what I thought were just bloatware apps I think I done gone goofed a li’l bit. Now I’m plagued with lag spikes, and the occasional crash.

Is there any way to restore and replace everything that was deleted? Please.

Also I’m noticing a lot of text overlapping in the UI and especially the settings app. The top left of the screenshot is just one example. Any suggestions there as well?


Flashing the firmwares with clear data will take you back to factory status… Obviously you loose app data…

I think your xposed modules are causing the overlap in the screenshot you have posted…

Thanks. How do I go about getting the international version of that firmware? All I can find here are the versions for the Chinese variants of the mx4.

Also I’m away from a pc for a while so can it be flashed back to factory on the phone itself? Cheers.


If you have mx4 international.
You can find the international firmware here on the forum.

You can revert to factory settings without a PC.
Just download the
Put it in the root of internal memory.
Reboot the device in recovery holding power+volume down and tick both update firmware+clear data.

This will bring you back to completely stock firmware with factory defaults and it will clear/delete data.

Here is a link of 4.0.4 international thread.

is the newest/latest international firmware.

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I just ended up downloading the .zip to the Meizu file browser and updating from there. Everything is back to normal now so thanks!

Not a bad little phone this mx4 just Flyme seems a bit temperamental when messing with tweaks.

Thanks again, guys. Cheers.

Yes I agree.
Mx4 is not a device for heavy tweaking.

I hope xposed modules and tweaking will become much more stable and there will be no instabillity or glitch issues in the future.
We’ll see ;)

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I came from using exclusively nexus devices so I’ve become accustomed to being spoiled for choice with all the tweaks in xposed I could have at once without issue… Guess I’ll have to be a bit more careful now :(

Here’s hoping the good people at Meizu will make their lovely software play nice with xposed in the future…


It is not about flyme not playing nice with xposed…
The problem is most of the xposed modules out there are meant for other devices… And the way xposed works is that expects functions to be in its place so that it can be replaced by new stuff (that’s how xposed basically works)… It is like modules meant for HTC sense will not work (perfectly atleast) with Samsungs touchwiz…

People will have to write modules meant specifically for flyme for them to work properly…

Not the modules I use. Sure there are specific modules for specific models and firmwares but the majority ARE compatible with multiple devices and firmwares.

Like App Settings in xposed and signal cluster settings in GravityBox for example. Both work flawlessly on a multitude of different devices on various versions of KitKat except for Meizu even though it too is on KitKat. Why? Because of Flyme.

So yeah, sorry, but you’re wrong.

All said, though, so far I am liking my new phone but I will miss some of my xposed modules and GravityBox tweaks.


No… You didn’t understand what I said… Yes flyme has changes due to which modules like gravitybox (which are meant for roms based on AOSP - If you notice the development thread of gravitybox clearly states that it “may not” play well with roms like touchwiz / sense etc… Flyme is a similar thing) don’t work properly…

It isn’t a problem in flyme per se… Xposed works fine with Flyme. It is how the specific modules are implemented that causes conflicts. So the modules have to be modified to work with flyme. Not the other way around…

I totally agree with @GreyGhost.
I also think that specific xposed modules aren’t properly written and optimized for FlymeOS.

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