Flyme OS 4.1.3A test firmware


  • Optimize cache video playback logic, ensuring seamless playback of online video and cached video convergence.
  • You can also play without the cache is completed, the number of cache to see how much.
  • The continued optimization of the whole network search, before addressing the special character of the problem does not recognize the replacement.
  • Lenovo keyword search mechanism optimization, keyword no association issues resolved before.
  • Personal Center interface visual optimization.


  • The new entity volume keys metering stopwatch functions.
  • The first letter of the city’s function retrieval.
  • Add a new world clock .


  • New multi-tabbed window animation.
  • Optimize the magnifying glass to enlarge text effects.

Game Center application center:

  • Add the split package upgrades.
  • New features historical version installed.


  • Repair using a single camera editing songs cover issues cause Gallery to stop running.
  • No lyrics player interface, adding “no lyrics” prompt.

Boot boot:

  • Use the boot boot new networking.


  • Increase the top display unread messages.
  • Open the message / phone APP guide Flyme increase open communication.
  • Optimize visual contact details page.
  • The message authentication code repair some pop to extract the code is not accurate.
  • New Flyme communications inactive reminders.

Cloud Storage:

  • Modify the management of all transmission begins, all pause, delete all the status updates.
  • Fix cloud disk for file upload around 1000, click on the notification bar and then point to continue to suspend the document without responding.
  • Add the task of optimizing file upload download speeds.

Input Method:

  • Optimize emoji expression, color expression input interface.
  • Screen will only issue a letter on the first.
  • Rapid Repair Pinyin input.
  • Repair full keyboard Pinyin input to the limit, the first candidate is not automatic screen problem.
  • Fix calls custom interface replies bottom bar is white issue.
  • Repair starts Alipay and Taobao, smartbar dissapear momentarily restored problem.
  • Remove the English QWERTZ keyboard.


  • Optimize boot speed calculator.


  • Optimize the weather at night animation.
  • Solve the sleep screen when sleet weather or power off screen, LCD screen is only when there is no rain and snow problems.
  • Solve the share of air quality into other applications, somatosensory temperature display the wrong question.


  • Optimize the speed of the video begins.
  • Fix scan code mode on the flash lights only three seconds left in question.
  • Repair Slow video, pause the power button lock screen, not the video again after unlocking problem.
  • Fix the front camera is switched MX4 click the menu button, the camera is no gray font size set of problems.
  • Click the Home Repair exit into the camera click on the record button again inefficacy of the flash video.
  • Repair fullscreen problem can not focus.

Security Center:

  • Garbage clean new timing scan Sustainment phone clean.
  • New applications since the launch of the white list.
  • Check the phone memory capacity is insufficient additional storage space, can be a key clean-up function.
  • Slide the notification bar information about new applications banned push notification bar message function.
  • Optimize a key detection experience.
  • New system cache garbage can selectively clean up.
  • Add the file path to clean up large files, source application, time and other auxiliary information.
  • Flow control management is not new, excessive consumption of functional application of traffic.
  • For large file management, optimization can choose from single to multiple choice.


  • Repair mail interface takes too long to load problem in large quantities.
  • Add into the mailing list loading transition animation.
  • Optimize the mailing list code, resolve when the list of more than 2000 e-mail, mark the slow, delete crash.
  • Fixed some problems rotated images can not be displayed correctly.

Flyme 4.1.3A

Flyme 4.1.3A

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Thanks for posting the information! Great help :)

For next time though, AOKP and HondaRacer are the ones to PM about new firmwares since they are the ones who usually post these threads ;)

Meizu MX4

I got this OTA update about an hour ago. I read that alexyz888 had some problem while previous OTA update. Have you updated OTA and it worked fine?


I’m downloading it now. :) I will report back regarding how it goes ;)

@OMGRonnie I’m waiting too for your update outcome :-P - I don’t want to have to factory reset again and reinstall all my apps, like the last time.

i updated to 4.1.3A OTA.
No problem here. All work like a charm!

I updated and all went well :) No problems so far! *Touch wood*

I was on 4.1.2A, 123.1MB file OTA, now updated to 4.1.3A ,59.07MB file OTA


Haha when I first read your forum name it reminded me of “Elfen Lied” the anime :P

Back on topic… Yes, the update file was much smaller. Firmware optimisations?

@‘OMGRonnie’ said:


Haha when I first read your forum name it reminded me of “Elfen Lied” the anime :P

Back on topic… Yes, the update file was much smaller. Firmware optimisations?

Thanks OMGRonnie!


Accessibility—Driver assistant
Storage—Clean rubbish
Sound and vibrate—DND Mode(?)
Camera- No ART?


DND stands for Do Not Disturb mode :) Similar to what the iPhones have :D

Update was successful for me too.

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