Meizu's "secret" christmas present...

This is the discussion thread for Meizu’s “secret” christmas present…. Let us know your comments on this subject here!


Seems that one of the early gifts are some great themes for completely no charge at Flyme App Center. I received a notification on my MX3 with the customization icon and some Chinese text on it and checked it out… (See screenshot, everything’s free! :))

So there we all have the first, small piece of Meizu’s early Christmas treats, let’s go ahead and grab the themes we like now as we don’t know how long the offer will last as long as there’s nobody to translate it from Chinese. :D (anyone, please? :blush:)


Ahh i got that notification too… But was busy with work and ignored it…

I’ll check it out now…

I don’t get the notification… Can you tell me where to find the free themes in app store??


The FREE campaign is featured on the main page of Flyme’s (4.X beta) “Personalize” app. Just open the app from your home screen (on screen A by default), let the app load and you should be able to see the big green FREE campaign sign on the home page. If you don’t have Flyme 4, I don’t know if it’s possible to navigate to the free section. (Probably Flyme 4 themes only)

THX for the explanation :)

At the moment im on Flyme 3.8.5A… Now i get why i can’t see the free themes ;)

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