Help with flyme 4.0.5

Well… I am not sure that it is the right forum but i’ll try…
Recently i updated to 4.0.5 and the new update is amazing… Before that i used 4.0.4 and everything was fine but since i updated the software my keyboard mostly white and only in few apps black (I think the only app its black is the search app when you swipe upward to search)… I really hate the white keyboard and its very ugly but i don’t know how to change it if it is even possible… Can someone help me please ?(my phone language is English and my keyboard is English and Hebrew).


You can install a third party keyboard, like Swiftkey, Google Keyboard or etc.

Yes but… I really love this keyboard layout (especially the numbers layout)
Only the color is the problem… there is no way to change the color?

Install TouchPal and use the meizu theme. Meizu keyboard is horrible.

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