Ubuntu Touch

Is there any word on when Ubuntu Touch will be released for these devices?
The internet was saying mid-November, but that seems to have slipped into next year.


Earlier it was Q4 2014 and then it was postponed.
Latest news suggests sometime Q1 2015.

Wether older users will be able to update to Ubuntu has not been made completely clear.

What does that mean? Is there doubt the existing models will be supported? O_O


Well there has been no official announment whether existing users of Mx4/mx3 (the ones which come with flyme) will be able to upgrade to ubuntu.
However there was a word initially that ubuntu will come as a standard update.zip which peple can use to upgrade from flyme. But wasn’t clarfied completely by Meizu. So we will have to wait for release I guess.

Right. I did find many of such rumours, and bought in based entirely on that advice :/
Hopefully they do offer the update!

In my opinion, It will be a big mistake if they do not offer the ubuntu touch at least for the mx3. One of the reasons which i bought it was these rumors (not only rumors, it was shown running a test version of ubuntu). But other than that i didn’t regret it, it’s an excellent device!

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