Notifications and distinct volume controls

There are two things I don’t like in Flyme and I would like them changed :(:

  • notifications for 3rd party app: in Flyme, a default (infinite) icon is displayed for all notifications, for instance, instead of current temperature from Accuweather or for Tasker own icon you get that default Flyme icon.
  • A single volume control for everything - music, ringtone, notifications, games. I thought this should be standard in Android by now, I only used so far TouchWiz, CM and MIUI, but all of them have this “feature”. Is this feature hidden somewhere and I cannot see it? Or maybe Meizu hide it on purpose, for reasons unknown…

Did anyone found workarounds for the issues above?

Maybe you should try the Xpose framework and modules.

Which module should we try? Cause I’m trying using Flyme Tools without any success in the same exact issues.

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