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Although there is an option in settings (4.1.1A and 4.1.2A) in order to change the default SMS application, there as still some major problems.
What i mean.
I tried 2 different sms apps, textra and gosms.
None of them can receive sms… There is problem only with the incoming messages. Both of them can send normally.
Textra: No notification, no sound, no SMS. Nothing at all…
GoSMS: the infinity icon appears for a while (2-3secs) on the status bar but it goes away shortly after and no sms is received. When the infinity icon is visible and you open notifications (swipe down), there is one notification from go sms that says “gosms is processing the message” that disappears together with the infinity icon. And no sms is received.

The only 3rd party app that seems to work flawlessly is hangouts. but hangouts doesn’t support sending messages with 160 chars in my native language (greek) and doesn’t show a popup when u receive an SMS (you have to open the app to respond).

So we are stuck with the stock sms app until our Chinese friends decide to resolve this issue.:dodgy:
Any suggestions or thoughts?

Same problem, but 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 are purposed for experimentation, I think it’s a known bug which will be corrected soon :)

Update: i enabled auto-launch for textra through the settings app and now it seems to work properly.
Only a minor problems with the repeat notifications in textra’s settings that reset after each reboot. but nothing serious.

Same problem here. No solution I know…

Work with EVOLVESMS.

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