Flyme 4.1.3A for MX3?

It is a leak. Upload will be done tomorrow.

@‘AOKP’ said:

It is a leak. Upload will be done tomorrow.

In meizu website or ota?

Not exists in flyme firmware page yet. It is a leak as AOKP said, from a beta tester i suppose. But the first reports saying that it is better and smoother. We will see …


I was able to download it with my connection (servers have problems to connect to Baidu properly).
Lets see how reliable this leak is.

Works, I will try my best to get this uploaded today, at least for the MX3.

I have owned a m1 note for 3 days. Weather system app version 1.0.2. displays chinese cities and chinese characters only. It can not be changed to my location and english. Auckland, New Zealand. Any help please ? Much appreciated.[emoji4]

System weather app only works with Chinese cities.

Saludos!! :D

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