Meizu Music App legal?

Hey guys,

does anybody know if it is legally okay to use the Meizu Music app?

Here in Germany, the GEMA (performing rights society) blocks a lot of content on video and music streaming sites. Free music streaming sites don’t exist here. Apps which enable music streaming need to be paid with about 10€ a month.
I’ve tried the Meizu music app and I found every song I was looking for (what really amazed me), but due to the legal situation I really don’t know if it is safe to use it here…

Best wishes


Its legal, because it is actually Baidu Music. Baidu pays a small ammount everytime you listen to a song. Maybe you want to Google the whole story.

I am using the music streaming service since MIUI times (you can downlosd there too) and had no problems with any lawyers or crap like that (I am also from Germany).

Are you sure it’s baidu music? I read somewhere that it is not reachable outside of China… I saw it’s possible to download in the meizu app, too.
Viele Grüße :)


It is Baidu Music.
And no you can’t download without an VIP account or however they call it.

Okay thanks.
I could download it and then had an m4a file in my phone…


If you buy Senior VIP, you can.

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