MX4 almost bricked after 4.1.2A OTA update

Yesterday I have upgraded from 4.1.1A using the OTA download, but after the phone rebooted and selected Update Firmware, I got “Firmware is corrupted”. After that, I have tried to clear data multiple times, but the phone keeps restarting continuously, like it has a timer or something after 10-20 seconds after restart.

In the meantime I downloaded the full 4.1.2A ROM, but I cannot copy it in the phone, since the phone reboots very quickly.

In recovery mode I don’t have access to the main partition when I connect the USB cable.

I also tried in fast-boot mode to flash the full ROM, but doesn’t work.

Does anyone know if there is a way to fix it (except sending it back to Meizu)?

If you can enter settings/about phone/storage/clean phone data/–select factory reset and format SD card…this should solve your problems.

You can try also:
Press home button and hold it untill the device powers off.
Plug it on a charger and charge it for 2 hours,
then try to enter recovery by holding power+volume up ,
If it enters recovery ,
copy and reinstall 4.1.2A
or any other comatible firmware.

Good Luck

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You don’t need to copy it to main partition.

Boot into recovery. Connect by USB to pc. Copy the into the recovery partition. Don’t forget to Select Clear data


It is way easier.
Boot into the recovery and select ‘Clear Data’ and then let everything wiped (Apps and App data). Then your phone should boot without any problems.

Thank you all for your help, it worked!!!:D

Just cleaning the data wasn’t enough, I did that many times. But after I copied the full ROM in the recovery partition, the firmware update completed successfully.

Glad that it worked.
Meizu MX 4 is unbrickable unless you experiment with fastboot and custom created recoveries or if you experiment with sp flash tool.

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