Google Hangouts problems

I’m experiencing a few problems with google hangouts.
The main issue is that I don’t seem to receive messages unless the app is actively running (in the foreground). Messages don’t seem to arrive otherwise, and never appear in my notifications.

Additionally, I can’t seem to set hangouts at the SMS client.

This is a critical problem, since hangouts is my primary form of communication. MX4 is practically unusable to me :/

Are these known issues? Are they being addressed?

What if you set is as an autostart app in security?

I have this same issue. Do you know if that happens only connected via WiFi?.

I turned on in security since first day and still happens

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update to 4.1.2A. They fixed the “set default sms app” option since 4.1.1A

But I still have the same problem with the notifications. Hangouts must be running in order to receive notifications. :(

Yeah, I just saw that fix a few moments ago… I’ll try it, but that’s not the most important problem. It’s no use if I can’t receive messages while my phone is asleep in my pocket :/

Isn’t the ‘A’ versions the chinese version?
What is the difference between all the letters?
I see, ‘A’, ‘U’, ‘C’, ‘l’ (upper case I or lower case L?), and ‘i’…
I seem to have 4.0.4U out of the box.

U is China Unicom carrier/operator firmware for M461-Unicom model

C is China Mobile carrier/operator firmware for M460-China Mobile model.

A is universal Chinese firmware and it can be flashed on m461 unicom model and m460 China Mobile model and also on the International m461 model that is sold outside china and on official meizumart store.

M461 Unicom and M460 China Mobile models can ONLY install U,A and C firmwares due to restrictions in recovery and bootloaders.

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My box says M461. I’m in Australia, ordered it online. There is mostly Chinese text on the box. How can I know if I have the Chinese M461, or the international one?
Is there any practical difference? It works on my local phone carrier fine (Optus Australia)…

If you can successfully flash the I firmware then you have the international model.
Otherwise it’s won’t flash.

Also some people said about having only English on the battery, but I have English and Chinese, but I can install the international firmware.
So im not sure

Also the problem with delayed notifications also relates to Viber.
Kakoatalk seems to work and get notifications without manually opening it

In about phone if the firmware is for example Flyme OS 4.0.2U ,then you have m461 China Unicom model.
(Since you have chinese apps already,I assume you have m461 Unicom…I have the same model,they’re factory unlocked/sim free)

If on the battery there are chinese letters,you have chinese Unicom M461

The international m461 has English writings on the battery.

To simplify,
On the back of the box there is China Unicom Logo :)

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Cool, thanks!
I’ll try the new test firmware.

But that still leaves the problem with not receiving messages :/

Okay, I installed 4.1.2A, and now when I boot it says "Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped."
It appears twice, after short pauses between them, and I think it’s failing to log-in to each of my google accounts (there are 2 present on this phone).
Hangouts - which usually lets me switch between my 2 active google accounts - shows nothing except “+ Add Google account” where the account selection should be.
Also my contacts is empty (sources from google), Play store crashes immediately on bootup, etc. :/

Okay, I got it working again by removing Hangouts, Play Store, Google Play Services, and reinstalling those.
It is now possible to set Hangouts as the default SMS app with 4.1.2, but there is a new problem…

Hangouts doesn’t seem to receive SMS’s at all… the phone just doesn’t get any SMS. I switch it back to the built in messaging client and SMS works fine.
This is probably related to the problem where Hangouts doesn’t receive messages when it’s not active+foreground, but it seems to be a bit worse…? :/

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