Planning to buy Meizu MX4

Hi everyone,

I’m kinda new to Meizu and new to Android. The thing is that I want to order Meizu from official website, but I’m not sure about next things:

* What is the best place to order from? I’m from UK.
* If I order from official website am I going to pay extra custom fees? Has anyone already ordered it from UK?
* Is it Nano or Micro SIM?
* Is it goes and International version and support English language?
* Is it hard to get a Play Store installed on Meizu?

Thank you in advance


Welcome to the forums! :) The MX4 uses a micro SIM :)

All MX4’s support the english language so no problem, but there is a HK/International version of the MX4 which comes with the international firmware preloaded. It doesn’t have any of the Chinese apps and features installed.

Getting the play store installed on the MX4 is very simple. there is an application specifically made for this in the Meizu App Store which does it all for you! :D

Regarding where to buy it and customs fees, I’m not sure… But I bought mine from Ebay and I live in Australia. I didn’t pay any customs fees here :) (We never pay for almost all purchases under AU$1000).

I got mine from aliexpress.
It was cheaper than the official meizu website (£250+£15dhl shipping)
I didn’t pay any customs tax either.
I got the black 32gb.
I also received the international model. So I can install all firmware, and I should have warranty on it.
Also live in the UK.


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My mx4 is from Gearbest and it’s international


In order to avoid the risk of customs you can make your order from resellers which they are sending from inside EU like, or others. and ebay are also options if they are shipping from EU.
Of course you can buy it for less expensive from aliexpress or from other chinese stores but i do not know how much ‘tight’ are the UK customs. Good warranty is one more reason to buy it from official stores.
If you order the international version (the seller must determine that) then playstore is preinstalled and there are no chinese apps. Otherwise you must manually install playstore and uninstall chinese apps (very easy procedure as already said) is the official worldwide meizu store, they send the international version, custom fees and dhl shipping are included in price. Unfortunately some buyers have paid taxes (and some of them had a refund) because of package declaration error.
Read this thread first:

Yes, it takes micro sim.

@‘ummahusla’ said:

* What is the best place to order from? I’m from UK.
* If I order from official website am I going to pay extra custom fees? Has anyone already ordered it from UK?

On Aliexpress there are sellers who send phone through Fedex IP without any custom and import charges. I bought my MX4 16GB for for 380USD with shipping
Do not be affraid of chinese version C or U. You can always install A (generic) firmware

I bought mine from aliexpress M461-Unicom,
300 euro shipped via Singapore Post, I didn’t pay any custom taxes.

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I recommend ibuygou. With additional 5% you have sort of insurance that no additional customs cost will be added. In case you will be charged with customs fees, ibuygou will refund this cost. I tried it, recommend.

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