Upgrade/Update Meizu Mx4 to 5.0 Lollipop

I came across this post on web. visit the link for details.


Tell me your thought on this. Is it true or just a hoax?

It doesn’t look like a very trustable source to be honest…


The part that says “I rewrite this tutorial from forum.xda-developers.com” is a good indication. Find it there, and you’re set ;) But if you can’t find it, then I’m afraid it is a hoax… I will search for it soon. At work right now :)

It is a hoax… Comments section is just a picture and the same 3 people commenting for another article claiming to have CWM for the MX4 … Don’t trust this website :)


Just… No words.
Bullshit [emoji23]

I just love that all the roms is exactly 128mb I size :)

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