App installation = default icons placement

The name says it all. Just when I was beginning to enjoy flyme a little, I notice this. So annoying! I spend a lot of time customizing and organizing my icons, so this really, really upsets me.

Every time I install a new app and the new icon is shown, all the other icons get swtiched back to their default positions. Plus all original widgets return too! Yay! No. God damn it, this is a serious problem. Does this only happen to me? And is there anything that can be done about this?


Which model and OS version you are using?

Oh yea, sorry, even forgot to include that. I’ve got the 4.0.4I in my international MX4.

No one has a experienced this?

Only once after a reboot.
But I was messing with stuff.
After that, it never happened again.
Did you try reflashing the firmware?

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