Design details

At first sight the mx4 prο seem to differ from mx4 only in the home button, in the size and color but there are some other design details such as:
-the peripheral shiny frame is more pronounced
-the camera frame is bolder
-the curvature of the back is different
-the left and right bezel are barely wider
-the upper and lower bezel are bigger
-the back cover appears to have smaller gap than mx4
-the notification led is next to the front speaker

also, the fingerprint is recessed, matches with the rest of the panel and seems of very good quality.

the photos are from forum

Hmm… It’s growing on me, but that notification LED doesn’t look all that attractive to me, unlike the MX4’s lovely glowing halo. ;)

Thanks for sharing!! :)


Thanks for the great share - very interesting. If anyone comes across a high-quality photo of MX4 and the pro back covers side-to-side, please let us know here: I’d love to see how the back cover curve really differs. Custom back covers look extremely good on the MX4 - but how abut the Pro?

Some new photos for design and screen differences… and one photo next to ip6 :D . The 2k screen of pro seems more vivid and brighter than the mx4, but of course we can’t judge from a single picture.

There is no saying both screens had max brightness so yeh we can’t compare with just one picture :)

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