Dirac HD without Headphone

Hi !

I’d like to ask something : is there any way to allow Dirac HD function without earphone or headphone ? Or is there any way to mod sound in real time ? I heard a lot of metal and sometimes I need to improve a little bit the sound at low volume :)

Thanks a lot,



Hmm, why would you want to do that? Dirac HD is for headphones while built-in speaker and its quality are what they are. If it was enabled with the small loudspeaker of the phone the audio would become unclear and uncrisp - because it’s already factory tweaked to it’s optimal sound quality settings. If you really want good quality, buy some good in-ears (you can start off with xiaomi piston, theyre around 20e) maybe and just don’t use the built-in loudspeaker when looking for a great listening experience - it just isn’t made for that. ;)

Adjusting Dirac HD and EQ can be done in real time, with music playing on the background.

Dirac without earphones is useless. And even with cheap earphones. You’d better buy good ones and listen without any equalizers

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