is there any English recovery like CWM Recovery available for mx4 32gb running 4.0.4u?


No cwm available “yet”…
Don’t know about U firmware but just install the ‘A’ firmware… It comes with English recovery… (atleast my mx3 has always had english recovery with A)

how to install A firmware?


He has a very good question… After we place the file on the SD Card of the MX4 and boot into recovery by holding down volume down + power buttons, if the menu is in Chinese which option do we pick? :)

Thanks in advance man

When restoring /updating firmware from recovery I usually select/tick both options:update firmware and clear data.
If the recovery is in Chinese and you dont’t want to clear data just select/tick the TOP option.

I tested both recoveries from both A and U firmwares, they’re both in English and they have Chinese writings inside (columns)

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Well it has been like this since always:
Top tickbox = flash
2nd tickbox = clear data

Button to left is restart… Button to right is Start flashing.

Yep A has that… I thought Ranjan meant U has only Chinese… Don’t think having both chinese and english is a big issue though…

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