USB issue - No Android Device Found

When i connect my MX4 to my Mac…

  • No signal (sound, floating green dots) to say the battery is charging (it is charging).
  • No USB icon appears in MX notification panel.

  • If I manually go to Settings>Storage>Connect as> and choose any of the options the phone still doesnt get mounted on my Mac.

  • If I turn on Android File Transfer on my Mac I get this message: No Android Device Found

Any ideas?

First try a different computer to see if the problem is your Mac or your MX4.

You know that for use an Andorid device in a Mac you have to use Android File Transfer no???

Yes I am using Android File Trnasfer, have been since I got the phone.

It started working again last night, but the now the problem has returned.

Cant try another computer yet, im travelling. The battery is charging, percentage is going up.

Strangely enough, the MX4 seems to be quite “picky” when it comes to which PCs it will expose itself to. My laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 will mount my MX4 with access to the whole USB drive on the device, while my stationary office PC (also running Ubuntu 14.04) will only mount the MX4 as Camera (PTP) or Built-in CD-ROM.


It is usually the Pc/laptop side that needs something…
MTP/PTP are standard usb protocols… So usually nothing much to be done on the phones side…
Make sure settings - > storage - > mode is mtp

To connect phone with Mac, android file transfer is needed

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