Booting problems

Hi guys.
Yesterday my mx4 delivered.
I have isssues with the booting of the phone.
When I try to turn it off, I get 3 options: turn off, reboot and back (I think I could normaly get back if I touch anywhere else on the screen).
Unfortunately, whatever I choose, the phone starts rebooting and it stucks on meizu logo, turn off and make loop.
Rarely it reboots with no reason, when I finally turn it on (don’t figure how yet) and be on the homescreen.
When the system requires a reboot, I have no problem.
It also stucks on the same loop, whent it’s (finally) turned off and I try to turn it on.
I got it with 4.0.2I and now it’s running 4.1.1A.
But I have the same problem.
Any ideas?
Please help me.
Thank you!

Enter settings/about phone /storage/clean phone data select factory reset and format sd card.
This will factory reset the device.
If the problems with rebooting re-apear contact meizu for warranty.

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I did factory reset,
I tried the power save mode (someone suggest it on another topic, with similar problem) and
I (clean) install 4.0.4I,
but nothing changed.
I have still issues with turning it on-off and rebooting.
What else should I try?


Contact Meizu support, I’m sure they will be happy to help :)

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