\[How-to\] ROOT and open developer options

How-to open ROOT permissions:
1. Make sure you’re logged in into your Flyme account.
2. Go to Settings --> Accounts --> *your Flyme account*
3. Click on ‘Open system privileges’.
4. Accept the warning and enter your Flyme password.
5. After confirming your Flyme password the phone will reboot.
6. Your phone should now be rooted. You can check under Settings --> Accounts --> *your Flyme account* if the system privileges are opened.

How-to open developer options:
1. Open ‘Dialer’ (phone icon).
2. Type *#*#6961#*#* in the dialer.
3. The hidden menus can now be found under Settings --> Accessibility.


Thanks for the guide! Root in a minute. Btw my Dev option isn’t a hidden option for me. Maybe it had changed by time and fw versions.

Thanks, its a great manual.

just want to asking , after root for a while, if we want to unroot ? so how to do ???


just re-flash again same firmware

i want to root my device but i can’t log in to my flame account becuase my device is second hand and i can’t switch to my account
there is another option to root ?

hope for help

Did u try factory reset, to delete that account ?

Well, if another account is Logged on, you are basically screwed. Since you cannot change the account without knowing the password of it. This is basically to prevent that someone else could use your phone when it is stolen. A factory reset won’t help to solve this, the account is somewhere deep in the firmware. A firmware upgrade won’t help either.

Two things you could do:

  • Contact the person who you bought it from and ask for his password
  • Secondly contact Meizu customer support, but don’t expect magic, I am sorry.

Hello i have a problem, I loged on my flyme account and i go to “Open system privileges” but my phone doen’t reboot, when i go there it just open my installed apps and says “ask or not” i dont remember if the first time i got the phone i been there , but phone doen’t restart and it isn’t rooted.

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I installed new beta rom to my M1 note, but there is no root option.
I have tried also with Kingroot and it gets failed all the time.
Any other method that I can try?

I have Meizu U20 andi have apply method from 1st post. It works but i have no any hidden meny. Only i have after phone rebooting is (Settings->Fingerprint and security->Root permission) a list of a Root permission nedeed apps. I have try to install AnReboot app with root permission but its no working at all and behavior as i have no rooted phone. Any help?


P.S. There is no root for Meizu U20 over AnyRoot and KingRoot too!

P.P.S. Is there any, any way to root (SuperSU) U20 !!!

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