Problems updating to Flyme 6, any help appreciated.

Hi guys I am having real problems updating my Meizu M3s to the latest flyme 6 rom. I currently have an M3s chinese model running But when I press volume + and power I cannot get into update mode to update to flyme 6, the phone just vibrates briefly restarts and then boots into the OS as normal.

Also if I try to tap on the or update using the the update app from inside the OS, the phone just restarts and does not update to flyme 6. I have checked that it is the correct Flyme 6 stable G version I am trying to update to.

Any ideas how I can update?


@sere83 When you shut down the phone press vol up and power when you see the meizu logo release the key and
Normally you should be able reach the recovery

@sere83 Or, if you have root access enabled you could download the Quick reboot app from the playstore …
Idk if it works well without root permisions :/

Here is a link if it helps:
and, yeah, doesn’t work without root permission

Thanks for your reply sir. Sadly this does not work. Volume + and power on just restarts the phone, i have root also and tried quick reboot app, it just does the same. I think my recovery has either disappeared or is corrupt. Is there anything i can do?

You could extract the recovery.img from inside the update package and flash it separately using sp flash tool. And then just update normally, it should work.
And, be aware, wipe everything before the upgrade, it will fail to boot if you don’t.
A better solution is to flash the recovery from the version you are running, but I think you don’t have the file to to that.

Thanks man, i extracted the recovery.img from my current firmware version and tried to flash it from inside the OS using Rashr and mobiel uncle tools ( i am rooted), they appear to have worked. But when i restarted and tried to boot into recovery it still did nothing and just booted into the OS. You think using sp flash tool would make a difference?

Using a PC software tool makes a big difference because it doesn’t depend of Android and that makes it more powerfull.
I had a simmilar problem with my Samsung Galaxy J3(6) (SM-J320F) and the PC got me out of trouble.
I know that the process and software used are a lot different, but the point is that you could try.
Can’t go so bad off tracks.
P.S. If you don’t know to use SP Flash tool go watch a tutorial first. Don’t screw it up.

cool, yes ive used sp flash tool before but would need to recap. Do i need any special files for meizu m3s? apart from

thanks. So do i just install drivers then flash like this? >>>

yeah, flash the update like that and should do the trick

wait. stop. it doesn’t work!

the scatter is not accepted from the update file
use the adb and fastboot method to flash only the recovery.
you will need also the quick reboot app ( for fastboot reboot)

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