some parts in my screen are unresponsive...

…but i cant point exactly where because they move. Its like a block that swift the touch to the left/right/up/down.

I searched a bit about this, so i came to the conclusions : should i replace my digitizer or do factory reset? Or both? Or should i do anothe thing? Im noob at this.

@spygen First perform a factory reset ( backup your data ) if it succed then you solved the issue.
Otherwise you can try to disconnect the battery (and the lcd if you can) from the devices and wait for 20 min then plug in
again and see if it did something if still the same issue then you will have to replace the screen.

@Vympel Did the factory reset. Nothing happened.

Welp. I dont think im confident to remove the phone parts. Will things get worse?

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@spygen No just be gentle when you do it.
But most likely it’s the screen you will have to buy a new one and replace it ,
look on youtube for some teardown of your devices.

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