First, sorry for my english, i’m french.

Yesterday, I read a guide to install LineageOS on my M2 note phone.
So I’ve install the drivers, unlocked the bootloader, flashed twrp and then downloaded the ROM.
I have succeed in installing it and booting on it.Then, there were a setup wizard, but it crashed all the time at the same step, and it was impossible to skip it, and i had to complete it, else the phone would be unusable (like the setup wizard on iphones).

So I tried to reflash the ROM in order to fix the problem. However, after reflashing it, my phone was blocked in recovery mode (i could also access to the fastboot mode (buttons power + sound -) but it was printing a black screen before rebooting ).

So i’ve searched a solution on the internet to find a way to reuse my phone but nothing was working. I’ve restored my backup but i don’t know if it worked (because of unescapable recovery mode…)

Then I’ve tried to find and download the stock recovery of meizu but i don’t know how to flash it (via flashtool.exe or via twrp? Both aren’t working…).

If someone has an answer to complete the installation of LineageOS or to reinstall FlymeOS, I would be very grateful !

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