Pro 5 root solution?

i have a PRO5 and after a bootloop, i install the flyme 4.5.4d version, a Demo version…
i can’t flash with PC tool because i have token sign failled.
I can’t flash to the recovery i have a firmware corrup.
I can’t unlocked the bootloader

I want to install system with this methode but i can’t root… No option on MZAccount. Kingroot or kingo root or … don’t work or root but the system folder is on read only…

i can’t do anything.

Can i launch the flyme root by a command? Or i can use a exploit ? like the Dirty cow?

What solution i have?


@dcarb Can you explain what did you do exactly with your phone to get this bootloop?
If you still have acces to the official recovery I recall that some people managed to get rid off the firmware corrupt by finding and flashing the first build ever put on the phone (the real factory one).
Concerning the root no solution known about rooting by command etc (may be possible but no step to follow or tutorial)
only the usual root by the system (setting>security & fingerprints> root) but if you don’t have acces to the system it’s useless.

Edit : you can take a look to this

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