Hello, i’m facing some Meizu phone bug here.

Recently i just update my screen lock password from “5555” to “0000” and all my old games, whatsapp, images, facebook are unable to access.

I do able to unlock the screen with “0000” password. But somehow it unlock to different account. And what interesting is i still get my Whatsapp notifcation with “LOCK SCREEN” state. But like i said, if i unlock the phone, it loads up different account.

I’m also unable to register/login to flyme account with the “User Center App”. The login and register button is unclickable.
I’m also unable to factory reset the phone as it asking screen lock password, i did try to use both “5555” and “0000”, and nothing happen.
I’m also unable to download any app from “Hot Apps”, keeps on failing as it require some permission.

Please refer to this issue as i think its the same as mine, and it was reported at Jan 2016

I did send to Malaysia Meizu customer service, and they reported that the board is malfunction.

Thank you.