After a bad manipulation i have a bootloop.

I try a factory reset but it’s doesn’t work

So i do a flyme restore and i use the firmware 4.5.4d stable and the phone is alive! YES but I can upgrade after…

But the problem, it’s the 4.5.4D and not a 4.5.4a or 4.5.4i/g, so i can’t upgrade to a firmware with a BL unlocked… i can’t upgrade to anything… :’(

I try :

  • Kingroot to root the phone : it’s a partial root I can’t write on system app…
  • to change the id region and try to update firmware but I have always firmware corrup.
  • to flash with TestPc tool but i have a “token sign failled”…
  • to flash the system partition directly from terminal but with this partial root I have a permission denied.
  • on the mzaccount I don’t have the option to root but I think I try to change the APK , I can’t because is a system APK!!

I thing there are 2 ways.

  • root, flash the partition system to 4.5.4a or 4.5.4i with the converter and maybe upgrade.
    But I need to root.
  • found the token to flash with testpctool

Help me please… :’(