Messenger stop working

Hi everyone,

I upgrade my MX4 to the firmware 4.0.4I and since I had it, my Facebook messenger app crash at launch. I tried to install the last version, and the previous and anyone works.
Can you help me ?

Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french…


You tried to reinstall the app?
Usually this fixes a few problems.

I tried this since one week and it doesn’t work I have to reinstall the app every day for one hour of working…


Upgrade to the latest Flyme version (4.1.1). If it still occurs clear your data (be sure to have a backup).

I did it yesterday, the new 4.1.1 is awesome ! I don’t like the new folder appearance but the fact we can change of sms app is amazing.
I installed fb messenger and I’m waiting the message “messenger closed”

Edit : Since I did the upgrade I don’t have any problems with messenger so the problem is solved ;) Thank you

With 4.1.1, I have a problem with twitter official app lol

What kind of a problem do you have with official twitter on 4.1.1A?

I’m on 4.1.1A using official twitter without any issues.

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When I answered a mention, force close but in timeline only, it’s ok

I Got my FB from the Play Store i do not download anything from Meizu because it crashes so try DL the Play Store and getting your apps from.there

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