Up-date issue

Hi, I have never been able to update my MX5 flyme version I. Originally it had a chinese firware, but the international one was set by the guy which I bought the mx5 from. I have read that in order to update the international version you have firstly set the most recent chinese version and only after that you can download the new one I version. So my question is: Having a I version, which chinese firmware should I set? Cause there are a lot of them and I have no clue qhere to start from! Thanks!

If he changed to get the I version (now called G) he probably changed the ID so you should be fine by just taking the last beta or stable firmware and update with it.
If it fail just try the A and follow the guide to get multi lang again.
keep in mind most of recent build need to be tested by yourself to get which one works better not all are good
Some build drain battery faster have bugs etc and new one doesn’t mean better so if you encounter any issue just downgrade to another old one and so on :)


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