Chinese maybe working on CWM custom recovery
Meizu MX4


I don’t understand much using google translate, but it seems CWM is in development

We are waiting until cofface releases a fixed version:


Whats wrong with it?
MX3 never got so much love from people :P

It’s a good step for custom roms, hopefully this progresses further.

@GreyGhost cofface said there was a bug and removed the download link. He will upload a new version when it’s fixed.


Ahh okay…
Cool! Guess MX4 is getting ready for some custom stuff!

What does a custom recovery menu do that the stock one can’t do? Isn’t recovery just for being able to reflash the firmware? :) A legitimate question, I have never used or owned an android…


Nice little article regarding the same question:


Thank you :) I will give it a read now.

“You’ll need to unlock your device’s bootloader to install a custom recovery on it”… COOL! It means all CN devices would be able to install the International Version of Flyme on it also! :D :D :D :D :D

@‘furious.builder’ said:

Any news ?
I saw this :

What’s the source!

Here’s the source for CWM recovery.
According to creator @cofface it is test CWM version

There is English version also.

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This is really good news!!!

This is pretty awesome to say the least. But playing around with recovery is a little dangerous isn’t it? I will wait for others to try it once it is released first before installing it :)

EDIT: I honestly want it mainly for the backup/restore feature haha :D It would be nice to have a full backup image of the system which I know I can go back to anytime. :)


It is the same as the one HR posted… But the links don’t seem to work. Guess he removed it because of the bug…

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