Charger, alarm clock and rooting.

1. Can I use different chargers than meizu’s? This wire length I got is absolutely unacceptable.

2. Can anyone delete alarms from their alarm list? I mena completely remove it, not edit it. Can anyone delete one (or more) of the clocks on top of the set alarms (e.g. Beijing time)? I can drag each of them, but they only change position, no “Trash” option. Can anyone access their set alarms through the top bar (time, battery bar)?

3. Can I root my phone and still receive OTA (I assume this is official updates) without problems? Or preferably, is there a way to backup my apps (including app data) before updating to new Flyme versions without rooting?

Thanks for the help. Still struggling badly here…

1 - Of course, as long as it s mini USB. But If you want to plug your phone in your computer, you have to check if your wire is data transfer compatible. I have 2 wires I use with my computers and 10 cheap wires I use just to charge my battery.
I have a lot because USB wires tend to break easily.

2 - Just edit one alarm you want to delete, drag down, below volume you should find the delete button ;)

3 - I wont tell. I m not gonna say something stupid here because its sensitive. Though I m also interested to know the right answer.


1. microUSB! :D

3. Yes, either try GoBackup or backup over the Meizu AppCenter.

Ok so it seems to backup app data Gobackup requires rooting. And in the meizu app center its all in chinese? If I create a flyme account will i get the option to backup app data via cloud and in english? Othereise is it safe to root, backup and unroot to receive OTA in the future?


It is safe, since it is a system option from Meizu… But unrooting isn’t possible. You must reinstall the firmware to unroot.

Yea, thanks for the reply guys. I have decided to root it since it’s so easy. Have also successfully backed up my apps and data!
Though, my alarm clock still remains undeletable! As well as the clocks above it!
As for the USB wires, it seems a few cables charge the phone less quickly than others? I used my samsung galaxy micro-usb to charge it and I think it took quite longer than the white one from meizu.


It could very well be the gauge rating of the wires - thicker can handle more current running through them which means quicker charging? :)

Yea, that’s what I was thinking, too. Though I am quite the retard for electrical issues, so I thought I’d ask! :D

Hahaha as humans we all are retards at something :P

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