meizu pro 6 worth buying?

given that the street price is about 240€, is this phone worth a buy?

@plutus It depend what do you need
As a summary the pro 6 is a good phone with a good screen quality , camera is average (still good pictures but better exist)
sound quality is better than 99% of other devices and build quality is awesome.
But it run with a MTK processor and it comes with “only” a battery of 2560mAh.
So if you are a heavy user it may be problematic from this point of view.
Take a look on the pro 6 plus it’s a little more expensive but more actual.

Meizu Pro 6

@Vympel is right. I have the pro 6 and although it is a great phone the battery and camera are average compared to others. The pro 6 plus on the other hand takes all of the good things that were on the pro 6 and perfect those that were should have a look at the plus version. But the regular version is still good. I enjoy it very much.

Yeah, same here, great phone for me, using it for the last16 months. Battery is fine with me, heavy user… and fast charging actually.
Would love to see an IR though, same as I have on my Xiaomi :)

@dntpw I had a Mi 4 with IR … and well I never used it hahaha it’s not so useful (in my case)
Same with heart rate sensor when I saw more and more phones get this , I was like oh waw but in the end it’s useless.
And the battery endurance on the pro 6 is somehow like Iphone so … :D

I find it sad that Meizu phones are that expensive. For a good Meizu phone you still have to wait over 1 year and then pay 230-280€.
It also seems to me the battery is most of the time to small.
Mediatek chipset is a question of taste i guess, i prefer Qualcom Snapdragon or Samsung Exynos.
The Mali T880 GPU is not really good.

The only plus Meizu has for me personally is music quality, but you mainly only profit from it when using wired headphones.
Does Meizu still support dirac HD audio ? Im asking because the MX3 lost it if you did update to a higher flyme version.

When i look at the Redmi Note4 global,it is not really that much behind and costs you 130€.

Downsides would be Camera and music, then again it supports dirac hd audio.
It also has serveral plus points.

Sure it highly depends what you do with the phone but for me im relly impressed from the redmi note4 at that pricetag.

@meizuandi Build quality and many more are way better on meizu than on the redmi
Nothing comparable at all

Edit : it’s the note 3 but same in the end

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A phone that costs double or tripple that much or even more surely should have a better build quality.
I guess a lot ppl put there phones in a good case and some even add screen protectors or even tempered glass anyway.

The build quality seems to have improved over the Redmi note 3.
If i want to scratch and bend a phone i can surely do it with every phone.

Actually the sound quality with dirac HD and Mi Pistons 1 is quite good on the note4.
I cant compare the newest flyme os how much it had improved istill use the old Flyme os on the MX3.
The stuff you can do in MIUI is quite impressive, i still find new things every day. Software development seems much better on Miui.

Remember the Redmi Note 4 is a budget phone and you get quite something for little money.
It will and surly should fall behind more expensive phones.
However for my needs it seems to fit quite well and im still impressed what you get nowadays for 130€.

I think pro 6 now is a bad choice, moto z (snap 820), zuk edge(snap 821), and others are at same price ± and way better than this.

Also pro 6 is nothing special phone… very bad battery, not top performance, etc

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Finally I bought the pro 6 on Amazon and after just a few days I’ll send it back. The charger is not working but in any case the phone is quite a deception. I really don’t know how reviews claim a 4h screen usage with this phone, the battery is very disappointing and I can’t get till the end of the day!
Otherwise, the phone is very nicely built, a true step forward compared to my mx5 and the 5.2’’ screen is probably the sweetspot in terms of size

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