Ordered me a Xiaomi redmi Note4 global

Actually i didnt even check for a compareable Meizu smartphone, for daily use i still have my MX3 and mainly because of the lock and unlock with the home halo and music sound.

For Games and testing i still have the Redmi Note LTE.
Anyway i wanted something new and since i only had to pay 130€ for a newer and better phone with global ROM and all LTE bands, dual Sim, IR blaster it is a no brainer.

Aside from that i use a lot Mi home stuff already and Xiaomi has a lot extras for that build in by default.

I will report back when i did receive it.

So this nice piece of hardware did arrive yesterday but i was not at home so i did received it today.
So a big thanks at Gearbest for shipping it that fast and also do customs and cover the tax.

I did a small check at work and im really impressed, this thing looks and feels very nice ( i got a black one 3GB RAM 32GB btw).
The global version has all the needed LTE bands for Germany (usually they lack band20), has CE sign and also comes with EU plug charger.

The fingerprint sensor works very well and the display looks really good.

Well i need to check way more, because there are tons of functions what you can do and soon with MIUI 9 there will be more also.

I suggest look some videos on youtube, quite some ppl show what you can do with this phone.

Overall for 130 € it is an awesome phone, it surely has some flaws too but for this price you can really overlook them (unless they not super importend to you).

Meizu MX4 Pro

Xiaomi is a great company. I had owned redmi note 4 for 5 months. I have to admit that it was a great peice itself. However, I didn’t like the design. It seemed big (dimension). I had redmi note 3 before which was thinner. I changed it with Xiaomi mi5s plus. Believe me you won’t regret it!

Yeah its a bit big for me aswell, but “note” phones are big thats why they called note.
When i compare it with the Redmi Note LTE it seems to be a little thinner and does not look so bulky.

I did buy it to replace the remmi Note LTE witch i use for testing and play some games sometimes.
The Note LTE i did buy 3 years ago for around 180€ the Note 4 is actually better and did only cost 130€

The Mi5s plus is to expensive for not using it as main phone. By the way is there a global version out for it ?
LTE Band 20 can be importent here in germany.

As i said im sure there are better phones out there for more money, but for only 130€ its a great phone.

Oh by the way do you use other Xiaomi Hardware ? I use a lot Mi Home stuff, like Yeelight RGB bulbs, Gateway with sensors and remote sockets, air purifiers, power sockets and other stuff.

Meizu MX4 Pro

Well, there is always an international ROM of MIUI. I use MI5Splus as a main mobile sinc I only have Meizu MX4 Pro (two day ago the camera went down).
Thinner phones are love, for me. So I found redmi note 4 a bit big. Redmi note 3 was a lot thinner and round.
I bought my xiaomi mobiles from china via a friend of mine, I also own all mi bands (S, 1S and miband2). Since it is not possible for xiaomi to be shipped to Algeria I can’t buy more features.

Well they dont send to Germany too but i buy most thing from a 3rd party vendor known as gearbest.
I only own the 1st Mi Band and Mi Band2.

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